Projects Overview

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Dining/Kitchen areas

Dining/Kitchen areas

decluttered a Young couple’s home

Scope of project: To declutter and partially stage a house prior to putting it on the market. Referred by real estate agent and hired by homeowner.

We packed up books, decorative items, and breakables cluttering the shelves in the living room. We staged the bookshelves for a lighter and cleaner look. In the dining area, we packed away stacks of breakables and fine china that lined the cupboards and styled the shelves. In the kitchen, we decluttered and organized the drawers, staged the open shelving, and removed the excess items off the counters. In the bedrooms, we organized and decluttered the closets.

decluttered and styled a nyc apartment

Scope of project: to make a NYC apartment market-ready to photograph and put on the market. Referred by real estate agent, hired by homeowner.

We decluttered the apartment by tagging all items for storage, donation and disposal and taking them away. We boxed items for storage and brought other items to Goodwill. We styled each room by clearing the clutter and organizing the furniture.

Living room

Living room

moved a working couple

Scope of project: To facilitate a move from CT to NY. Hired by homeowner.

We worked with the client to determine what items were to move, donate, and discard. We organized and itemized boxes according to the room, packed personal items (clothing and office), oversaw movers during the packing phase, coordinated the move from house to house, and unpacked and organized closets.

moved items into a mini storage space

Scope of project: To move items unused items from a NYC apartment into a mini storage unit. Referred by real estate broker, hired by homeowners.

Together with the client, we tagged items that were cluttering their apartment. We donated certain items and moved the rest into a storage unit until they are ready to move.

Mini storage unit

Mini storage unit

organized a family basement storage

Scope of project: asked to reorganize the multiple closets in a family’s storage room. Hired by the homeowner.

We created a cleaner and tidier use of closet space to provide better access to the family’s stored items.





organized A traveling woman’s closet

Scope of project: To unpack and organize a walk-in closet. Hired by the homeowner’s boyfriend.

We unpacked and organized clothing, accessories and shoes in a woman’s closet.

decluttered a family’s home to get ready for sale

Family Room

Family Room

Scope of project: To declutter a home before putting it on the market. Referred by the real estate agent and hired by the homeowner.

We decluttered and boxed excess belongings throughout the entire home and stored the boxes in the basement. We rearranged and staged the bookshelves in the playroom and office, organized all of the cabinets in the kitchen and playroom, tidied up closets, and staged items for a cleaner lighter look.

moved a family

Scope of project: To work with the interior designer to facilitate a move into a newly designed home. Referred by the interior designer and hired by the homeowner.

We packed items in the former home to transport to the new house. We worked with local antique dealers to coordinate the sale of furniture. We oversaw the delivery and placement of furniture from various vendors. We worked with movers to supervise the delivery and organization of items from storage.

moved A single parent with grown children

Scope of project: To coordinate a move from a rental to a downsized home. Hired by the homeowner.

We went to the storage facility to sort through the boxes, designate and tier times for removal to new home. We packed personal items, decluttered, and oversaw movers during the packing and moving process.

unpacked an elderly couple

Scope of project: To unpack and organize an elderly couple. Hired by the homeowner.

We unpacked boxes according to very specific directions. Organized bookshelves, kitchen, and closets.